Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Local Musicians Band Together to Fight Cancer

Just last week (Aug 2012) local musicians in Missoula, Montana gathered together for MarcusFest; a fundraising event where the proceeds benefit the fight against cancer.

Marcusfest is named after it's namesake, Mark Hart or Marcus to all those who knew him.  Marcus died this past January of cancer and his loss was felt by many.  Marcus was a very talented musician, most notably on the bass guitar and played in several touring bands but always had his roots planted in Montana.  Marcus was also my uncle.  Let me share just a little about my Uncle Marcus.

To me, Marcus was a way cool uncle.  I mean come on, he played in a band!  One of my earliest memories where music was involved was because of Marcus.  There was this band playing in town called Final Exam.  I thought they were awesome and even had their cassette.  Yep, it was a while ago.  Anyway, Marcus knew the guys in the band and later played with the front-man and he set it up so I could go meet them and hang out with them.  I got to go down the the club, check out the stage and then go have lunch with the guys in the band.  I thought they were so cool.  I mean, it was like noon and they just got up.  How much cooler could you get!  (I was like 8)  Anyway, Marcus had a major impact on my life as a musician and certainly inspired me to continue to improve and make my way as a guitarist.

Over the years growing up I had many opportunities to play with Marcus.  Both in my dad's band, The Hightops, as well as sitting in with him in his band.  I will always picture Marcus playing bass standing on one leg.  He always did that for some reason.

Last week so many musicians came down for MarcusFest to contribute either by playing a set or two, or by just their good will and generosity.  My Dad's band, The Mick Hart Band, played there and he said it was like a musician's reunion.  The front-man from Final Exam I mentioned earlier and one of Marcus' best friends, Chris Hiatt, flew in from Florida and drew a nice crowd.  All contributions go to the Mark Allen Hart Foundation and proceeds this year were given to a local man who has been diagnosed with cancer.

I think it is awesome how we can come together as a community to fight such a terrible disease like cancer that takes too many way too soon, like my uncle.

Thanks to all you musicians out there who use your talents to make people smile, laugh and bring people together.  You all rock!

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Marcus FEST


    I have met so many great people in Missoula...coincidentally a lot of them have the last name HART.
    As I told the crowd...one who deserves some recognition is the matriarch, the wonderful mom to all of these guys, Their mother (and grandmother), Donna. She raised all of you right.
    It was a joy to tour with Marcus....he was the easiest person to be trapped in a van with for weeks at a time. We had many great times and...til the end...laughed our butts off at the stupidest things. I miss him and I thank you and the family for making something as tragic as Mark's early passing into positive blessings for others not as fortunate as you or I. He's digging all of this !!

    Yer Pal, Hiatt

  2. Thanks Chris. I'm sure Marcus would be very proud of all that is going on!